Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Cleaver LeadershipTools different?
Cleaver LeadershipTools believes that effective leadership development is a process not accomplished through training events. Changing behavior takes time and tends to happen when leadership skills are learned, applied, and reinforced- over time. Our six, nine, and twelve month programs cost about the same as many three day training events yet only take about an hour a week. And because leaders don’t have to travel to take participate in our program it's very time-efficient.

What does your “ideal” customer look like?
Our ideal customer has leaders in more than one location and not only wants to develop stronger leaders but also wants to strenghten the cohesion between departments and office locations.

What levels of management do you target?
Our program has been designed to develop professional management and leadership skills with “high potentials”, long-time managers, and new managers who have already completed an introductory management training program. Our programs are not for first time supervisors/managers.

How do you select your leadership Resource Executives?
Our leadership Resource Executives have business backgrounds, strong emotional intelligence, high social values, and have gone through an eight week certification process where they learn how to facilitate our leadership development programs. Our Resource Executives have a passion for working with and helping develop leaders. We call our coaches leadership Resource Executives because they typically don’t get on a plane to provide training face to face but rather work with their teams remotely.

What does your curriculum look like?
Our curriculum is comprehensive and modular. In any two week segment of any of our programs there are usually eight to ten short assignments. The assignments include reading, reflection, observation, and discussion exercises. Action Development Plans are used to document how each leader plans to apply and sustain their newly learned skills in their day-to-day work. Please request a "curriculum demo" if you would like to understand out curriculum design better by clicking here.

What is Cleaver International’s relationship with LeadershipTools?
Cleaver Company International owns LeadershipTools. Where Cleaver is a recognized people development consulting firm with a wide range of human capital related proprietary tools and services, LeadershipTools is a platform and methodology focused on providing affordable and effective leadership development solutions.

Note: If you have a question that is not answered here, please email it to us. One of our advisors will be sure to answer it for you.