Customer Testimonials


What advice would you give to others beginning this program?

It is a very powerful experience. It will challenge your way of thinking about yourself and about what you believe others think about you. It will take you out of your comfort zone, but if you are open and honest with yourself, can lead to powerful insights about your behavior, your performance and how you interact with others. It is worthwhile but time consuming. Be prepared to spend extra, outside time on it.

What has been most beneficial to you?

A better personal understanding of myself through the Cleaver DISC profile and 360 LSA and recognition of both strengths and weaknesses. The most beneficial aspect for me was to recognize I can become a more effective listener and utilize both personal techniques, awareness and specific company projects to exercise these skills.

What has been most beneficial to you?

Certainly the 360 Assessment and Cleaver DISC report. In conjunction with our Employee Performance Survey, I have used the responses to help me focus on my "needs improvement" comments and build on my leadership strengths.

How has this program impacted your professional life?

It's helped me step back and look at my performance more objectively. We have a tendency to get tunnel vision when the focus is so tightly placed on work tasks. Seeing the forest for the trees has allowed me to see myself more objectively and identify things to work on and improve. Being more conscious of how this can be applied in day-to-day situations has been a game changer for me.

What has been most valuable for the company?

The strategies I've identified are directly tied to our goals. They should translate to business results.

What has been most valuable for the company?

I think it has re-established the importance of effective communication and to highlight the importance of aligning goals and expectations to meet our company's initiatives and overall strategy.